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Hand Painted Stemless Glasses - Various Designs

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Hand Painted Stemless Glasses - Various Designs

Lets get the party started with these fashionable glasses. Available in a great range of designs!! A treat for a special friend, birthday or anniversary or the perfect way to brighten up your table.
  • Beautifully hand blown & hand painted
  • Gift Boxed with window face view
  • Available in 6 beautiful designs
A little about the artist - Lynsey Johnstone:

In the early years, Lynsey was often found right beside her father as he worked on local farms. The idyllic Scottish coastal scenery with extended views of rolling hills along with local livestock and wildlife, all influenced her art.

Memories of time spent in her grandmother's garden continue to resonate with Lindsay as she reflects on the beauty and intense colours of these surroundings. Texture helps to create depth to the landscape and the technique of “flicking paint” which creates the chaos of wild grass and flowers - a picturesque pandemonium. Acrylics add beauty and depth to colours and shapes in these gorgeous flowers we see today.