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Mats Jonassan Crystal - Mini Rose


Mini Rose - Clear (Floral Fantasy)

Mats Jonasson's Mini Rose is a highly polished Swedish glass crystal ornament that makes a beautiful and lasting gift for your loved one. Sure to make an impression - it makes a perfect anniversary or Valentine's present or just to say "I love you."

The master craftsman works with painstaking detail on each piece to produce an expressive three-dimensional effect that is as true to nature as the eye and hand can make.

The sculpture is handmade in Sweden and signed on the bottom.

  • Colour: Clear
  • WxH=50x69 mms


Nb: Mats Jonasson art work are handmade items and may be subject to small air bubbles or imperfections as well as marginal differences in colouring. These are not faults, but natural imperfections which makes each and every piece of Mats Jonasson art works unique and special.