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Prayers Of Comfort & Hope


Prayers Of Comfort & Hope

The book is composed of ten chapters, each chapter dealing with common hardships and obstacles that threaten to separate us from fellowship with God and others. The prayers, scripture verses, and inspirational quotes found in each chapter are meant to give you ways of addressing these burdens as you confront them in your own life. You’ll find prayers written from the heart by people like you, prayers of petition and praise, lamentation and thanksgiving, uncertainty and confident hope.

To use the book, set aside some time and find a quiet, restful place where you can sit in stillness with the Lord. Sift through a chapter that meets your needs and find the prayer or prayers that speak to your situation. Read and reflect, and then take some time to let the words sink in. Maybe the prayer on the page will help you formulate your own words. Maybe you’ll want to contemplate what you’ve read in silence as you wait for God’s insight.

Format: Padded Cover Edition | 384 Pages
Dimensions: 145 x 183 x 33mm 
Publication date: 15 Oct 2017
Publisher: Publications International, Ltd.
Language: English