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First Light Golden Hour Large Candle - 400g


First Light Golden Hour Large Candle - 400g

Watermelon & Sea Salt ... A lively summer scent wrapped up with the enticing notes of a garden in full bloom.

Smells like... 

Melon, Tahitian lime & sea salt, Green leaves

Feels like...

Golden Hour is a breath of fresh air. Made for daylight savings, afternoon cocktails and summer sunsets, this scent will have you fondly reminiscing on the day past. 

  • Perfect for any space that needs a bit of sunshine brought inside. 
  • Reuse your vessel as a plant home, water glass or anything in between.
  • Up to 80 hours burn time. 400g | 14.1 oz 
  • Double cotton wick for an even burn.
  • Hand crafted soy candle, made in Australia.