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Guiding Spirits - Fox 'Intuition' Figurine


Guiding Spirits - Fox 'Intuition' Figurine                    

"Intuition is a sense of knowing. Follow your instincts and trust your spirit to guide you."

For hundreds of years, spirit animals have helped guide people through their life’s journey. Guiding Spirits™ has been created for you to connect with your spirit animal. This collection features gold foil details that exist in a continuous line, symbolising the infinite value and importance of that animal’s spirit and its personal connection with you.

The Intuition - Fox figurine is an inspired showcasing of the spirit animal, with a smooth ceramic base and artistic gold foil detailing. Both its stance and size makes this figurine the perfect touch of décor for any setting. The packaging complements the figurine and its charm, creating a worthwhile gift for all family and loved ones. A collector card for the figurine can be found inside the stunning gift box.

  • Size: W 59.5mm x H 103mm x D 57mm
  • Materials: Moulded poly resin
  • Printing: Gold foil details